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I have a visited a few osteopaths over the years and though I have found the manipulations helpful, there has always been an overall generic aspect to these treatments. Not so with Joanne, because of her extensive medical knowledge and understanding, she always refers to the root of the problem before treating accordingly. This has made a huge difference to me in reducing the underlying problems and reducing chronic pain. She is extremely proficient, caring and competent.
John P
Joanne is an extremely gifted osteopath and cranial osteopath. As well as this she is highly intuitive and compassionate. Her knowledge of the other gentle therapies is extensive.
Pam S
I was recommended to Joanne in 2008 suffering from an injury caused by falling from exercise equipment in 2007. I was barely able to lift my arm 45°. Joanne had me back using it fully within three months. Lower back problems in later years also had the same amazing results within 2 to 3 months. Having been involved in road traffic collisions in 2015 and 2016 suffering with numerous injuries involving my arm and shoulder, I was unable to attend Joanne’s clinic due to my insurers having me attend elsewhere. The injuries to my right arm and shoulder were never successful treated. Therefore after the insurance claims were finalised, five years later I was still suffering with severe lack of mobility in these areas. Once Joanne was able to reopen her clinic, after Covid-19 lockdown, I made an appointment to see her in August. I have currently had 4 treatments and the results have been amazing. Areas that were never touched by previous therapists have been treated so thoroughly that I have more movement in both arm and shoulder then I have had in the last five years! Thank you Joanne.
Anne B


I have been receiving treatments from Joanne for 5 years. I have found her to be a skilled and generous healer who has helped connect me more strongly to my inner resources which supports my well being.
Tracey C
Having been a frequent patient of Joanne’s over a number of years, I can highly recommended the treatments I have had. They have helped me to cope with my back and joint pain a lot better.
Carol B
Whenever I have a problem with my back or hip, Joanne gets straight down to the problem and instantly knows how to solve it. She has also given me very valuable information about exercise and remedies that help. Joanne also uses acupuncture and I find this to be very therapeutic. I find her a font of all knowledge and she provides a very professional and comfortable environment. She works to the strictest of standards.
Barbara F
I have been visiting Joanne for a number of years, I spend a lot of time in my garden, and my neck and shoulders over the years are declining. Joanne’s treatment and knowledge have helped my condition and I find that invaluable.
David F